‘Get Out : 2’? How about ‘Get In’?

So I almost went into full-blown panic mode today when I saw this (warning : contains spoilers) article by Conner Schwerdfeger on Cinema Blend , asking “Should Get Out 2 Happen?”.

Now, I haven’t done my review on Get Out yet (I promise, it’s on its way, but Get Out is not the kind of film you write a snappy 2-minute review on – I need some time to really piece together what I want to say about this one), but my heart sank a little at the realisation that the notion of a Get Out : 2 could be actively floating around out there. Yes, the speculation was there – but the acknowledgement that it’s being considered? Yikes!

I’m not 100% anti-sequel, but I admittedly tend to roll my eyes whenever I hear that one is in the works. There is always the debate of whether a sequel can ever surpass it”s predecessor. For some, watching the transgression of Michael Corleone from ‘family man’ to ‘Family man’ in The Godfather : Part II beats the former hands-down. And for me, Terminator 2 : Judgement Day is the best of the bunch. But Grease 2? Speed 2: Cruise Control? No thank you. Frankly, there are some sequels whose existence I simply refuse to acknowledge.

Despite the lack of review yet, I will say that Get Out is a great film. The idea of a sequel isn’t scary because it’s a poor film – it’s scary because it’s too good for a sequel. The concepts and discussions raised are just too unique and too poignant. They cannot be replicated, and to try will only diminish their strength.

Anyway, once I got over the initial panic and gave the article a read, I was thrilled to find out that Get Out director Peele was dismissing the idea of a sequel (yay!), but was open to the idea of a prequel.

This, I love the idea of. Peele is quite right that the characters in Get Out should get a rest – they really went as far as they could go and recycling them or their experience wouldn’t produce anything noteworthy. However, if you have seen the film, you’ll know that there is a lot of potential for a prequel – an entire history that can be explored in its own right, even in an entirely different style to Get Out, if they wanted to branch off. The more I think about it, the more excited I get – this is something that could actually be pretty great.

Forget Get Out : 2 and bring us Get In – the development of the Armitage family and the creation of their creepy community. That would be something worth watching.



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