A Series Worth Binging : Inside No.9

A hidden gem you may not (yet) have heard of – Inside No.9 is a series recently aired on the BBC. When a friend told me it was by the same folk who did The League of Gentlemen years before, I shrugged my shoulders. I didn’t like the league of gentlemen. But, scrolling through Netflix at a loss for something to watch while I wait an entire year for my fix of The Walking Dead, I decided to give Inside No.9 a try.

I’m a fan of shows that use the same cast, but have a different story each episode/season (à la American Horror Story), which is the setup of this series. The premise is that each story takes place behind a door (gate/house/flat/room – they’re pretty inventive with how they use this staple) and is essentially a dark tale with some kind of twist/realisation.

Writers Pemberton and Shearsmith work perfectly together to bring forward stark revelations of bleak reality (somewhat akin to Black Mirror), using genius psychological play and dark humour reminiscent of Hitchcock, making this an instant favourite. It’s impressive, intense and the cleverest series I have the pleasure of experiencing for some time.

I’ve enjoyed it so much, that as there are only a few episodes, I may do a bit of a discussion on them individually. In the meantime, I suggest you go catch up.



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