Fresh & Funky Photobooth : Topshop, Oxford Street, London

On a birthday spree in Oxford Street with my trusted partner in shopping, Emma, what a fabulous birthday surprise to stumble on a photobooth in Topshop! We weren’t on the hunt for it at all but just couldn’t resist:


I’m in love the fun and funky border, which seems fitting for a fashionista photoshoot and I’m glad that this was as standard and not an option within the booth – it can become a bit tacky when you’re given loads of options to funk-ify your photos. It’s a perfect change from a standard border and is just oh so pretty!!

Furthermore, it’s probably one of, if not THE most flattering booths I’ve ever had the pleasure of posing in – I’m not sure my skin has ever looked so good. The black backing of the booth really helps with this and bringing out the natural contrast of skin tones, really making you ‘pop’ and look fresh.

As you can tell, it’s also generously spacious and we were able to share the frame comfortably.

We had a few pops before the machine unfortunately ate our change. Probably for the best, as this was quite the distraction and there was plenty more shopping to be done. Nonetheless, it was a great find on the highstreet, giving me some fun birthday memories I’m fond of looking back on.



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