‘N’ for Natty

So my creative urges usually come on quite spontaneously, as was the case today.

I’m limited by lack of actual talent, so despite having seen wooden/cardboard DIY alphabet letters before, I have always given them a miss due to my complete inability to paint. In a store today, however, I saw examples of ornaments/letters decorated with paper mache and…..voila! A bout of sudden inspiration, so I picked up a couple of pieces:


Although it’s usual to do a random paper mache effect, I opted to have the front face display one pattern, which made the task incredibly more difficult.I went about it all in my usual cack-handed manner, which meant I made a few mistakes along the way. I now know that if you are using one pattern for a front face, you should cover all other sides first, so you can fold the front face over them with ease and also it can give you a little layer underneath which can help with any overlaps. I didn’t do it as an actual paper mache – I probably should have, as it would have been alot easier. However, I basically just glued the pieces on and then glued over them, and I think it came out OK:

20170218_224339      20170218_224314

Next up, I’ll be looking to do a ‘&’ and my partner’s initial to match. It was a lot of work but I’m happy with my personalised home decor!





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