The Gin Tub, Hove

So I recently visited the Gin Tub in Hove for a friend’s birthday shenanigans.

Started off the evening waiting in ‘The Rum Cage’, with a buzzer for when a table is available. A Pornstar Martini seemed like a good way to pass the time, not that there was much to pass (!), we actually had a table within a few minutes.

If you’ve heard of The Gin Tub, you might be aware that it’s a rather quirky place with it’s own little touches – such as a phone on the table, which means you never have to leave your seat to order a drink! AND you can call other tables!! I didn’t really think we would use this functionality, but once you have a a bevvy, it seems not only natural, but logical.

It was actually a lot of fun calling around the different tables and having a chat – not that we weren’t happy with our own company, but it added a bit of variety to the evening and a fair few giggles – it’s prank calling for grown-ups!

We had a some general chit-chat, but as the gin took effect, we progressed to imitations of Liam Neeson in Taken and singing Lionel Richie’s “Hello” and Adele’s “Hello From the Other Side”.Luckily, everyone was in high spirits (must be all that gin/cocktails!) so they were pretty receptive to my warbled attempts to sing.

Despite the silliness of it’s clientele, The Gin Tub manages to maintain a touch of elegance, making you feel like a VIP.Β The host was absolutely lovely and very good at what I can imagine must be a difficult job.

I adore the ideas that have gone into this place and it was a really enjoyable evening, with something a little different.



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