Will Heather’s TV Reboot be very ‘very’?

Thanks to my fabulous friend @wildewriter  for this retweet from Like Totally 80s, confirming that TV Land are picking up on the reboot TV transformation of the cult classic Heathers (1998)!

I’m not entirely sure what to expect. Will this be a stretched-out version of the film, or are they taking the bare bones of Heathers and taking us on a completely different narrative? I’m not familiar with any of the actors either, so I can’t comment on whether I think they will make good replacements for our beloved Veronica and J.D. – I guess only time will tell.

I do love that there is a mention of Shannon Doherty (of Charmed and 90210 popularity) will be making an appearance. If you’re familiar with Doherty, I’m sure you’ll agree that her alternative persona seems like a good fit for this project.

To use a term from Heathers, let’s hope this remake is totally “very” and not a tacky flop.



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