The Hunt for a Wonderfully Vintage Booth : Bonton, 5 Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire, Paris

So I LOVE photobooths….like, really. It’s actually kind of unhealthy. If I ever see a photobooth and it looks half decent, I’m in it!

A couple of years ago I went on my first proper holiday and I thought “what would be the best self-souvenir from my trip?”. Naturally, some photos from a photobooth!!

So, before heading over to Paris, I did some research and looked for photobooths near the area we were staying in. The resource I used was

I told the friends I was holidaying with the plan and, thankfully, they didn’t judge me (I guess that’s why they’re my friends!) and happily accommodated by allocating the better part of a day during which we’d see take a wonder and locate a photobooth or two. As I had it so well planned out (booths planned out on Google Maps and itemised by nearest location), it should have been plain sailing. Should have been.

So we headed out booth-hunting, happily heading for our first stop. We enjoyed the trip there and I was (unnaturally) excited when we got to our location. Unfortunately, when we got there, we found out that the information we had was a little outdated. People were able to confirm that there used to be a booth there, but that it had long been removed. Nevermind – on to the next. After all, there were several nearby.

So we get to our next location, only to find that this booth was also removed. As was the next. And the next. As we’re searching, our net is getting wider and wider and before you know it, we have spent the best part of an evening hunting booths that no longer exist. We had to give up.

So off we went to drown our sorrows with champagne. I was heartbroken.

My lovely friends realised how much it meant to be and again agreed to sacrifice the next morning trying  to find one of the very last booths on the list, which was in a different direction from the rest and therefore not part of the initial search.

So, up we get – surprisingly not hungover at all, and go searching. I was preparing for the worst but hoping for the best. We found the location, but were sure that we had the wrong place – we were at a children’s clothing store!! It’s one of those moments where you shrug and say “I dunno….let’s give it a shot”. In we went and there it was:


It. Was. Beautiful!

And you can imagine our enjoyment when we realised that there were props inside!

Needless to say, we spent a rather significant amount of time taking turns in the booth, each of us wanting our own little momentos to take away. Here are some of mine:

paris               paris-2As you can see, it is a proper vintage booth! We had to wait so long for them to print and even longer for the ink to dry on our grainy, faded pictures – but it was worth the wait! Each print is unique due to the way it’s printed and cut and it makes you feel a little arty!!

This is the oldest booth I’ve had the good fortune to come across, as well as the only one that has actually printed in strips. So if you’re in the area, I cannot recommend it enough.

Even though it took up alot of our time, we have really good memories of both hunting and finding the booth – it’s something we still laugh about today.

Happy hunting!




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