Leonardo DiCaprio as Scarface?

So there I am, happily scrolling through the standard Facebook updates when an article from Empire Herald (www.empireherald.com) pops up that stopped me dead in my tracks:

“Scarface Remake Starring Leonardo DiCaprio And Sofia Vergara Announced for 2017”

^ Click to be taken to the article.

I had to stop myself from exclaiming too loudly in a public forum.

Now, this headline mentions three things I adore: Scarface, Leonardo DiCaprio and Sofia Vergara’ and one thing of which I am always skeptical: ‘remake’.

Not only is Scarface (1983) a classic in its own right, it is one of my personal favourites (to the extent that I have been bought Scarface artwork for birthday gifts) starring one of my favourite actors (Pacino is up there in my top 3, if not number 1 himself). Perhaps this is why I’m really taking this one to heart, but I think it reflects my general reaction to ‘remake culture’ – and here I shall borrow a phrase from my wise mother – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

The article quotes Brian De Palma as saying:

“You know when you got a film as successful and as influential as Scarface, there’s this unspoken rule in Hollywood that you’ve got to make a remake and relaunch the story for a new generation.”

Erm. Why? Does the new generation need their hand held? Are times THAT different that they would literally be unable to understand the original masterpiece?? I’d like to hear more about why anyone would think this is a necessity. I mean, do we expect someone to re-write Charles Dickens’ novels or The Harry Potter series for future generations? Is this the only way art can be appreciated?

Each film is it’s own story and this story is encompassed by everything that appears or takes place on that screen during that, in this case, 170 minutes. Every actor, every location, every sound, every prop is what creates the life of that film. So you change all of that, and what have you got left?

A shameful money-making machine.

The article further details that the plot and storyline will be the same as our old favourite, just using different scenes. Furthermore, director Pablo Lorrain’s quote from the article:

“For example, this remake is not set in the 1980’s but in the mid 2000’s and obviously there are going to be differences because of the era.”

So…..that’s confusing. It’s basically exactly the same movie, but….you know…..completely different!! They certainly do have a challenge ahead of them.

As a DiCaprio fan, I don’t think i will be able to resist seeing how he takes on this challenge, so I guess I’ll be feeding right into this money-making machine.

It’s just a sad day when something that has been genuinely appreciated as a work of art for more than three decades is exploited for a quick buck.


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